World Of Darkness - Zombies!

Story Thus Far

It was a peaceful morning in Seattle, Washington. A local werewolf named Bones was given a day to relax when he noticed a commotion outside. The military had quarantined an entire hospital and refused to tell people why. The next things this werewolf knew he was running from zombies. As he tried to help he noticed just how quickly everything was happening: a person was bitten and within minutes that were a walking corpse hungering for flesh. A couple of quick fight thanks to his combat strength and he was running too.

He stopped at a police precinct filled with people and grabbed a couple of weapons and some ammo before it was raided by scared civilians. Then he waited.

Meanwhile when night fell, a Mage named Gilkidu finds himself running for people. After a Paradox that sends a zombie into a Mage sanctum and artifact vault by means of a wayward portal spell, he tries physically running to safety. Despite the numerous zombies he sees, he dodges and hides from them well enough to make it to a hotel called the Victorian, which is owned by a vampire named Susan. Within a few hours they decide to spend the next night looking for supplies at a nearby superstore.

The next night they and another werewolf named Mark Archer travel carefully to the store only to find it locked and barricaded. Knocking on a side door reveals an overweight man with a shotgun. No matter what they try he refuses to go with them or let them inside for supplies. In anger Mark kicks the metal door in and off of its hinges.

Bones arrives on the scene with the Chief of the Precinct, who drives off as soon as Bones is out of the car. He joins with the group and off in the Distance everyone hears the howling of werewolves, though something was off.

Trying to quiet the man, Susan uses her vampiric strength to overpower him and accidentally breaks his neck. Taking his shotgun, the group barricades the door by pushing over an industrial shelf against the doorway. It doesn’t take long for the two Urshul werewolves to break in, even with Mark and Bones holding the shelf in place. Gil runs to grab a couple of bottle of rubbing alcohol in hopes that these zombies are weak against fire. Just as they break through, Gil throws the bottle in the air and Bones shoots them with the shotgun, drenching one and barely hitting the other.

Just before Gil can cast the spell that will light the alcohol, the drenched one leaps on top of him, bruising him a bit with the force. He portals to safety though as the others start running, reappearing on top of a shelf 100 feet away and 20 feet up. He casts the spell and everyone stops running and starts shooting for the head. The electricity arced from the socket and hit both werewolves. The drenched one went up in flames and Susan fled in Rotschrek. Unable to think, she burst through the front doors and started running around the city.

The two werewolves were put down quickly enough. Especially with help from a new man armed with a Barrett .50 Cal named Thomas.

Gil, in need of mana and knowledge, told the group that their best bet was to go to a nearby Mysterium bookstore and look for something to help him. After killing the wave of zombie that Susan had unintentionally brought down on them, the group went off to the bookstore, which was revealed to the a secret entrance to a Mage Sanctum. Getting past the first half of the traps revealed that they needed to find the second secret entrance to find the rest of the passwords to bypass the traps.

The sanctum was abandoned and there they found many amazing things, including weapons and body armor.

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